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Wow!!! Thank you for taking the time to create such an expansive list! Great Work! :-)
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 in response to frazzled...   You are welcome for the reply and I thought he need the funds as they are expensive. I hope that link will help him get the bands for his daughter. Do let me know if the organization helps. Best to you and your family. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. Starshine
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Thank you for your reply sent info to my son yes he needs help paying for thr bands his ins will not cover it

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I am sorry about your granddaughter and this may help with the bands she needs for her head.


Friends of Man provides the needy with the following; Food, Clothing, Medicine, Prostheses, Wheelchairs, Eyeglasses, Dentures, Medical Equipment, Daycare, Training and Education, Hearing Aids, and More!
How Friends of Man Works

Referring Professionals (health care and social workers, clergy, counselors, etc.) submit applications on behalf of people in need of assistance. (Applications are accepted only from referring professionals.) Friends of Man carefully considers all requests, and if the application is approved, Friends of Man pays a vendor for the needed items or services. Friends of Man also has a Children's Assistance Program where any teacher, school nurse, counselor, or principal can submit an application on behalf of a child who may need clothing, eyeglasses, medication, or another item of genuine need.

What is your son's situation and how does he need financial help? For his daughter?

I hope this helps you




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Can anyone tell me where i can find financial help for my son and dil with medical equipment needed for my graddaughter she has plagiocephaly and needs bands for her head and insurance wont cover this

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I found a system of healthcare in the Northwest that assists low-income people. It covers these areas :

 PeaceHealth, with System Support Services offices in Bellevue, Washington, operates facilities in Alaska, Washington, and Oregon

Here is a clickable map with the areas that PeaceHealth serves :

More info. to come

Here is the link to what they call "Bridge Care" which is financial help for low-income people :



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can somebody help me find an orginization or a governtment agency that helps pay medical bills

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Thank you for the compliment and the referal , Fox09 !


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You are very welcome

I am sorry that I can't help more at the moment.


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Thank you for the least its a start.Again...thank you


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 in response to Dondi...   

Do you possibly have one of the Burton free hospitals near you ? Have you consulted the community health ? How about the social services.

Also , if you call your local United Way they may have a connection for you . You mentioned that you have insurance , but it doesn't cover the back surgery and shots or physical therapy. sometimes Medicaid will have something called a buy-down , where you pay a fee ( usually much cheaper than the full fee of the procedure. After you pay the buy-down , they will cover the rest . It really depends on your current insurance and income which you would have to provide to them .

These are just a few ideas that came to my mind. As I said , it kind of depends on knowing exactly what you do have in order to find help for what you don't have . It would probably be better to get in contact with the organization than to give that information on Aidpages , including me , because it is very private information .

I hope some of these ideas help.



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Hi..I need some help!!!! I have insurance but just found out that it is NOT major medical.I am soon to have shots in my back..supposed to have physical therapy for 4 weeks. In January I need to have back surgery.However..I make very little money and cant afford this...please..if anyone can lead me in the right is greatly appreciated

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My card can help with prescriptions, it can save you up to 75% on all prescriptions!!! Simply, print it out and take it to the pharmacy and save!!!! Any questions, please contact me!!!!

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Hi! First I want to thank you for all the information here. I appreciate the time & effort you have put into it. I am looking for help with my daughter's medicines and medical care. I have looked into all the public assistance programs and all the sites here on your page, but I don't qualify for any of them. I am 'stuck in the middle'. I make too much to qualify as low-income, but not enough to pay all our bills. She has severe asthma and is hospitalized at least once a year. I still have hospital bills from this spring I can't pay for. At the moment she is out of medication (her meds cost about $500 a month, and up until now have had to borrow to pay for them), she needs glasses, hers broke, and I can't afford them, and she hasn't been to the orthodontist in a few months because I can't afford the payments anymore and they wont see her. For 3 months now I have been trying to get her doctor to fill out the patient assistance paperwork to get meds from the manufacturer, but every time I call I get "they are on his desk, he will look at them today". I would take her somewhere else, but I can't afford the cost of a visit. After rent, utilities, food, & gas, I can't afford anything. This month has been especially bad and right now I have no money even for food & gas for the rest of the month. I can't put her on the insurance at work because I would have to pay the full premium, which is about $700 a month. The 'free' clinics make you pay according to what you can afford, and because I make a decent paycheck I would have to pay. If you have any information about any other programs that I might be able to get assistance from, I would greatly appreciate it. I have borrowed from everyone I can, and I am desperate. Thank you for all your help!

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 in response to wifejoyce...   

Hi wifejoyce

There is no need to apologize . If I did have money , I would share it with many people on Aidpage. You are so right about praying for each other. Prayer changes things.

If you would like , you can try the page for the military and veterans . I hope you find something you can use !

I will be keeping you in my prayers,


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I'm sorry, I know that you don't offer the financial assistance yourself.  I am researching some of the many great links on your site.  Thanks for offering all this great info and caring.  I hope all is well with you.  We all need to pray for each other.  Joyce

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Hi,  I am desperately seeking help for my husband who is a Gulf War Veteran,
from the first Gulf War.  He has been declared a disabled veteran by the
Veterans Administration and is awarded disability payments.
He has been treated at the Memphis VA hospital for about ten years or so.
He has the many different afflictions of Gulf War Illness: headaches, severe
joint pain, rashes, abdominal/digestive problems, etc.  I could go on and on.
His back trouble, related to the joint and muscle pains, has caused severe
scoliosis of his spine and is causing him severe pain that does not abate. The
doctors at the VA have told him there's nothing they can do for him.  He has
found some relief from Chiropractic treatments in the past, and that seems to
be his only option right now.  The treatments that he would like to have are
pretty expensive and he feels like it is such an unknown factor as to whether
they will even help.  He has had treatments in the past with the VAXX-D method
and would also consider accupressure or possibly even accupuncture if we could
afford it.  The VAXX-D treatments he had years ago were very expensive and we
had help then with the copayments.  We don't any more.
I am hoping and praying that we can find a way for him to find relief from his
chronic pain.  We have been married for 21 years and we have two young sons.
They do not know what it's like to have a healthy dad who can do "dad things"
with them.  His chronic, severe pain is so bad sometimes that I feel like he
will soon be unable to walk.  I don't know how he keeps going each day.  Please
let me know if you can help with the chiropractic treatments or if you can
direct me to someone who can.  I appreciate sincerely any help you could
provide.  Joyce Lampley
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 in response to jefina...   

Jefina, I live in ohio also. Go to your local hospital to get your nose put back in place. All the Hospitals in ohio have funding that will either pay a portion or all of your hospital bill, depending on your income. Just tell them you do not have medical insurace and need help getting the bill paid and they will give you the paperwork to fill out. Good Luck

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im 43 years old and i have a broken nose in 2 places.I live in Springfield Ohio.I wear glasses and it hurts so bad to wear them because my bone is popped out right where they sit on my nose.I have absolutely no money and I need to have my nose fixed.please help me.thank you Tina

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Please , All who are posting their personal phone , e-mail , etc. remove them ! You are just inviting more trouble from scammers. Also , I DON'T HAVE ANY MONEY . I wish I did , but I can only help through resources . Please , if you want only money , I am not the one to ask. In fact , you probably will not get money here unless someone contacts you , not the other way around. I sincerely hope that EVERYONE can find the help that they need , one way or another ! soulight

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